Charles Lim aka Ched

Designing Stories, Defining Brands

Charles Lim is a Brand and Creative Leader with 15 years of marketing experience leading multidisciplinary teams across B2B/B2C, editorial, and client services.

I’m passionate about craft, collaboration and continuous learning. My work lives at the intersection of design, technology and content. You can find me in Toronto under a pile of things that inspire me.

Brands I’ve Worked With


About Me

I’m currently leading Brand & Content at PartnerStack. Previously, I’ve held agency and client-side roles in technology, media and branding companies.

I help teams align around a clear brand strategy to guide predictable execution that leads to business success. Whether it’s marketing, fundraising or product development, I can simplify complexity and get everyone on the same page.

If you’re a senior leader at your company and would like to know more about my services, get in touch.

My Expertise

  • Branding & Storytelling, at Scale

    Every brand has unique stories to tell, and there are always new ways to tell them. I help brands differentiate themselves and create processes to get the most value out of their channels.

  • Content, Creative & UI/UX

    I help create clear and visually engaging digital experiences, even in the face of complexity and changing information. There’s always a way to tell a brand's story; all it needs is some perspective.

  • Technology & Production

    Things always seem trivial until they're not. I work with multidisciplinary teams to ship predictably without compromising quality to ensure performance, accessibility and tracking.

Topics I nerd out about

  • Pop culture & Media

  • Art & Design

  • Consumer Tech

  • Hip Hop

  • Video Games

Some of my Writing

On my blog, Crooked Pixels, I write about design, technology and media.

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